Malibu Dog Training

Los Angeles is a haven for dogs and their owners. We have the top veterinarians, dog trainers, grooming spas, and more. There’s even a restaurant that serves home cooked meals for dogs in The San Fernando Valley! Like humans, dogs love enjoying the diversity of all this great city has to offer. To a dog, there is nothing greater than romping and playing in the natural beauty of the beaches and mountain terrain of the Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Topanga, and surrounding areas. Speaking on behalf of us humans…It isn’t too shabby for our species either.

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Whether you are visiting an on or off leash dog park, hiking trails, or Leo Carrillo state park dog beach, the Malibu are of L.A. is worth the trip if you want to enjoy a day of beach or mountain adventures with your best friend. I frequent this area often with my own dog to offer him exercise and practice his dog training skills and we are never disappointed. I wanted to share a few links to websites I found useful for the area:

Dog Beach:

Dog Parks:

Leo Carrillo State Park Dog Beach:

Malibu Dog Friendly Hiking Trails:

Malibu Veterinarians: