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If you have been searching for a dog trainer in Los Angeles, you already know that when it comes to the different methods and philosophies out there, the varying (and at times conflicting) opinions can be overwhelming for a dog owner who just wants their dog to be trained in a proper and humane way. From clicker training to e-collars, all dogs are different and what works for one dog does not work for another.

The problem with many dog trainers is they rely on one training method for every dog. I’ve seen the result of this. You end up with puppies inappropriately being trained with e-collars and highly aggressive dogs being bribed with treats and clickers. This “one size fits all” approach to training limits the dog trainer’s ability to see past their own limitations to understand what each specific dog needs. This must be based on a dog’s individual personality type, history, and relationship with their owners. Not the handler’s pre conceived notions of how they “feel” a dog should be trained.

Brett Endes, The Dog Savant can help you by using his holistic approach to training dogs in the greater Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley.

I take an objective, integrated approach to dog training that I have developed in my 20+ years professionally training dogs and educating their owners. My methods of training and communicating with dogs do not use harsh corrections, gimmicks, or endless treats to motivate dogs. I use a natural instinct-driven approach that utilizes a dog’s own way of communicating and perception of the world to help guide them through challenging problems and develop training skills.

Additionally, I place great emphasis on owner education and the human / dog bond. By having a background in positive reinforcement training, service dog training, trigger point (acupressure) work, e-collar training, drive and instinct based training, pack leadership skills, classic conditioning, and other training tools, I am able to help you tackle even the most challenging training and behavior issues you and your dog may be struggling with. Even if you have been to other dog trainers or behaviorists in the past, I can help.

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