If you’ve been searching for a dog trainer the Greater LA and San Fernando Valley area, you may be overwhelmed by trainers’ different methods and philosophies. As a dog owner looking for the best training for their dog done properly and humanely, this can be not very clear, at the very least. 

By using balanced dog training methods, The Dog Savant can address each dog’s needs instead of using the one-size-fits-all approach many failed dog training methodologies try to use.

The Dog Savant’s proven, balanced dog training methods utilize various training tools to help teach dog owners to learn how to communicate with their dogs to help them solve their behavior issues and listen in real life situations when the chips are down! 

See why we are one of the Top-rated dog trainers in California. You can also learn more about LA dog trainer Brett Endes’ training methods and philosophies by watching his show, The Untrainables, and listening to The Dog Savant Podcast.

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A Word from the Trainer

“By using balanced dog training methods and many years experience working with dogs and their owners, I have learned it is very important to place great emphasis on owner education and the human/dog bond.”

-Brett Endes
The Dog Savant

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