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I started seeing improvements in my dog's behavior after just one private session with Brett. The main issue I was having with my dog was his overexcitement, which translated to pulling on the leash, jumping up on people, being unable to relax when I was interacting with other people (i.e. getting coffee with a friend), etc. Brett taught me several techniques that quickly corrected many of these problems and also taught me to better understand my dog and his needs. It is clear that Brett is passionate about dog training and understands dogs well. He is also extremely professional and was always on time to our sessions, if not a few minutes early. I would highly recommend hiring him as a trainer.
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Carolyn Small Avatar
Carolyn Small
I don't often write reviews but every once in a rare while I encounter a person, product, or service so exceptional I feel I owe it to the world to get the word out. Brett is just such a find. He has an astonishingly profound understanding of what makes dogs tick and how to fix problems that no other trainers will touch. We have a rescue dog with big aggression issues and Brett got right to the core of the problem, explained everything to us in comprehensible, accessible terms and gave us exercises to use to break bad habits and teach new positive behaviors. If you have a dog, you owe it to them and yourself to seek out Brett and finally understand what real dog training is all about. Highly, unequivocally, and unreservedly recommended!
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Jon Hoffman Avatar
Jon Hoffman
5 star ratingBrett is an excellent match for our needs. We adopted two rescue dogs that never had any training. They are very different dogs (min pin and Shar Pei/Lab mix) and so needed to have the training suited to their personalities and issues. Probably the most important thing I've learned working with Brett is that he's really training ME! He has a positive reinforcement approach that is based on understanding how dogs think and react. He is very patient and listened my concerns. He was always on time and easy to communicate with. His weekend group classes were useful and fun. He didn't force any interactions and is sensitive to both dogs and owners. We have 1 session left and I expect I'll do a few more to keep me on track. The dogs have come a long way thanks to Brett.
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Samuel G. Avatar
Samuel G.
Brett is the BEST dog trainer I have ever met! If you have a more difficult/challenging pup, or you want to train your dog the “right” way…Brett is your man!!!” I can’t say enough great things about him. Worth every penny spent and then some! P.S. the weekly group classes are priceless. Thank you Brett…our little Lati girl thanks you too.
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Joy B. Avatar
Joy B.
5 star ratingBrett has really helped us get our 2 rescue dogs trained. He is very intuitive to the dogs issues and quickly addresses ways to solve for them. We have made great progress in only 3 sessions. We also enjoy his Saturday group sessions. I'd highly recommend him.
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David M. Avatar
David M.
5 star ratingWe got a small dog with some serious barking issues and aggression toward other dogs. Group classes didn't help as he was not behaved enough to join. Brett was awesome and worked with us to get our little guy Max into a better calmer state of mind. He pushed us to do the work we needed to do. We now know how to handle him on walks and with other dogs, and he is so much better. I don't have to have that dread anymore on walks when we come across another dog. Thank you so much, Brett!
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Tracy L. Avatar
Tracy L.
Brett came to our house for a ninety 90 minute session to help us with our two year old Shaffordshire Terrier/Dalmatian mutt mix. Scout had started getting aggressive with delivery people and other visitors to the house, as well as too aggressive on walks. In 90 minutes, Brett gave us easily to understand and remember and use guidelines and instruction that made an immediate difference. His methods training us owners were straightforward, easy to understand and easy to follow. he also gave us an email with links to the equipment he recommended, making it so easy to purchase. Brett was a game changer for us and for our little man!!!
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mike vollman Avatar
mike vollman
5 star ratingI can't say enough great things about Brett and his training methods! I'm so glad I found him. My dog, Nigel, had severe separation anxiety and was very reactive on the leash. The methods that once worked with a previous trainer who utilized positive reinforcement only, just weren't working anymore. Brett has taught me so much so I stay in control of situations. Nigel is now fully crate trained and is relaxed when I leave the house. We're still working on his reactivity, but he's improved so much! Brett has been so great at teaching me what to look for in my dog before he ever gives "typical" reactive signals so I can correct his behavior before he reacts. When I've had a question outside of a training session, Brett is so quick to text me back and coach me through. One of my favorite things is the weekend meet-ups/group training sessions for current and past clients and the network of other dog owners I've met through it. Would definitely recommend Brett and his training methods to any dog owners!
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Stephanie K. Avatar
Stephanie K.
I took my “troubled” dog to Brett after thoroughly researching dog trainers in the area. I have been very happy with the results! Not only has my dog been learning, but I have as well. I have a better understanding of the dog world and my dog better understands what I want from him. I have tried many trainers over the last few years, my family loves our dogs, and Brett gets results that I have not seen equaled. I appreciate his years of study, his dedication and his straight talk.
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Vicki P. Avatar
Vicki P.
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