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5 star ratingBrett brings a very efficient, yet intuitive method to the table. He combines listening to what the dog is trying to communicate with what we, as guardians, are subconsciously projecting. He has great energy around the pups and helps you... Read More

Luis S. Avatar
Luis S.

I took my “troubled” dog to Brett after thoroughly researching dog trainers in the area. I have been very happy with the results! Not only has my dog been learning, but I have as well. I have a better understanding... Read More

Vicki P. Avatar
Vicki P.

5 star ratingBrett gives guidance on how to properly train your dog, but it's up to you as a pet parent to continue the training. He's great! If you're on top of it, you'll see results!

Mar I. Avatar
Mar I.

5 star ratingI recently adopted a loving 2-year-old Lhasa Apso/terrior mix dog from a rescue and, with exception to taking walks, he was a dream. About two weeks after adopting my dog, he suddenly refused to climb hills or walk about 100... Read More

Nicholas A. Avatar
Nicholas A.

5 star ratingI highly recommend Brett and am happy to share our experience working with him.

We found Brett online about 5 years ago when we were looking for a trainer to help with our dog who had growing separation anxiety. After an...
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Lisa C. Avatar
Lisa C.

5 star ratingCall Brett NOW! Searching for a dog trainer is not easy. Out of chance, we called Brett for our 5 year old Terrier mix.... we are extremely lucky we came across his yelp page.

We have used three other trainers...
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Sarah G. Avatar
Sarah G.

5 star ratingWe have used about 5 trainers to address our pit bull mix's aggressive behavior towards other dogs. We were unable to sustain a change with their methods over the last 2 years. He is a powerful dog and I was... Read More

H S. Avatar
H S.

5 star ratingThis review is long overdue and I really don't know why I haven't posted sooner. I also want to say I could never have posted and I'm sure in reality it wouldn't make a huge difference, but the fact is... Read More

Krystal N. Avatar
Krystal N.

5 star ratingBrett has really helped us get our 2 rescue dogs trained. He is very intuitive to the dogs issues and quickly addresses ways to solve for them. We have made great progress in only... Read More

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David M. Avatar
David M.
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