|  Puppy Training

Puppy Training in Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley, California and the surrounding Metro Area is offered through professional dog trainer, Brett Endes. Whenever training a puppy, it is important to place emphasis on their developing mind as they grow into mature adult dogs. Working with a young dog allows us to set a proper foundation for the rest of their lives! Whether you have a new pup or a teenager who is unruly, Brett Endes can help you establish great habits and balance that will last a lifetime.

Puppy Training Includes:

  • All Basic Training Commands (Heel, Sit, Down, Come)
  • Manners and Practical Training Commands (Off, Drop It, Leave It, Wait, Place, and more…)
  • Problem behavior prevention strategies specific to puppies
  • All Problem Behaviors Addressed and Solved (Jumping, Barking, Pulling Leash, Chewing, Biting, Social Issues, Aggression, etc.)
  • Health, nutritional, and activity counseling (Diet, exercise programs, canine weight loss programs, activity counseling)
  • Socialization training and dog park visits
  • Pre-adoption / purchase consultations

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