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Congratulations on getting your new puppy!  I am here to help you train your new puppy and make sure your new addition grows up to be the perfect family pet.

Puppy Training in Los Angeles, California and the surrounding Metro Area is offered by professional dog trainer and problem behavior specialist, Brett Endes.
A psychology graduate from New York State University, Brett also studied at the Academy of K-9 Education in NYC and has since gone on to work with over 10,000 dogs and their owners over a career that has spanned 23+ years.

Whenever training a puppy, it is very important to place emphasis on their developing mind as they grow into mature adult dogs. Working with a young dog allows us to set a solid proper foundation that will benefit them and you for the rest of their lives! Whether you have a new pup or a young teenage dog who is unruly and needs training, Brett can help you establish great habits and balance that will last a lifetime for you and your dog.

Our Puppy Training Los Angeles classes Include:

  • All Basic Training Commands (Heel, Sit, Down, Come)
  • Manners and Practical Training Commands (Off, Drop It, Leave It, Wait, Place, and more…)
  • Problem behavior prevention strategies specific to puppies
  • All Problem Behaviors Addressed and Solved (Jumping, Barking, Pulling Leash, Chewing, Biting, Social Issues, Aggression, etc.)
  • Health, nutritional, and activity counseling (Diet, exercise programs, canine weight loss programs, activity counseling)
  • Socialization training and dog park visits
  • Pre-adoption / purchase consultations

The earlier you start training your puppy the better, young pups can be taught very early and this will create a solid foundation to a problem free relationship between your puppy and you.

We welcome you to have a look at some of our local Los Angeles puppy training clients testimonials, read our blog and take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions. We will make sure your puppy and you will have the lifestyle you want together and help make your puppy be the best family dog you could hope to have.



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