5 Tips on How to be a Conscious Dog Owner

Training the Dog Owners:

Being a Los Angeles dog trainer for over 20 years I have learned one constant…I am not training dogs whatsoever.  My job description is to actually teach and educate dog owners how to tap into something that is already there.  By learning how to become a more conscious dog owner, you too can learn how to connect with your dog in the most meaningful way possible that promotes a calm, well behaved and happy pet!

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1) Is your Dog Happy?:

Sometimes we get so busy we forget to take the time to step back and observe our dogs (and ourselves) in terms of the level of inner peace they are demonstrating An overstimulated, hyperactive dog is not a happy dog. Dogs feel best when their energy is properly directed towards appropriate outlets such as structured exercise and focus-based training. Other than those times, a happy dog should be pretty much relaxed in our presence on their downtime without a whole lot to be concerned about.

2) Socialize your Dog to Everything!:

Dogs are migrating and social pack animals. They thrive on being around other people and going to new places / experiences. The more you take them to the dog park, beach, walks, etc. the more they get their requirements for socialization met to help them feel secure and content as a whole.

3) Whole Foods for Dogs:

Feed your dog a healthy diet. When I first started as professional dog trainer it was difficult to recommend healthy foods because most pet shops and supermarkets still carried your standard poor quality commercial kibble. Now the choices are endless to the point that they even have a chain of home cooked dog food shops here in Los Angeles! From dry to raw diets, it is quite easy and affordable to feed your dog a balanced diet.

4) Pick up Your Dog’s Poop!:

Pick up your dog’s poop!
5) Give your Dog the Right type of Love and Affection: 

Dogs thrive on receiving love and attention.  However, there are times when a dog cannot handle getting lavished with affection / treats/ attention if it creates the cause for overstimulation or prohibits them from listening when it is unsafe.  It is our job as their human pack leaders  to be disciplined enough to not always indulge in our emotions and distribute love and praise when it is most appropriate so it is received by our dogs at face value and not as something else we do not intend.   As I tell my dog training clients in Los Angeles, the more you are willing to do this consistently when your dog is a puppy or new rescue pet, the less you have to be concerned about it down the road.


Brett Endes, The Dog Savant is a professional dog trainer and author based in L.A. with over 20 years experience specializing in problem behavior and puppy development counseling. The Dog Savant hosts a weekly podcast and is currently developing a web-based show to promote his message of canine behavior awareness. Brett takes a unique approach to dog behavior like no other trainer. His methods are based on psychology and principals of meditation along with a dog’s natural way of communication. Brett has been affectionately called, “The man with a dog’s brain”. He is available for private consulting of individual clients and speaking engagements in the greater Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley area and worldwide. To learn more about Brett or for contact info please visit his website: dogtrainingLA.com or email: dogtrainingla@gmail.com