5 Places to Visit for Los Angeles Dog Lovers

Los Angeles is a mecca for dogs and their owners! I have lived and trained dogs in other places but there is nothing like the L.A. dog scene. From upscale dog boutiques in Beverly Hills to celebrity filled Hollywood events and rescue dog benefits happening literally every day, this city is filled with things to do (and buy) for your four legged family members like no other place in the world! Since I have spent a great deal of time sharing experiences and stories with dog owners in Los Angeles from all walks of life I have come up with 5 fun places you can go and activities you can do with your dog. By no means does the list end here and would love to hear from other L.A., South Bay, and San Fernando Valley dog owners about other cool places to take fido in this great city we cal home.


1) Hike Runyon Canyon Park:

Runyon Canyon Park is the place to be if you want to spot celebrity pets strolling alongside their owners or are looking for some outdoor time with your dog Hollywood style! The park is actually quite beautiful and you can allow your dog off leash once you are in the park.

Runyon Canyon Park
Address: 2001 N. Fuller Ave. Los Angeles
Tip: Park can get busy on the weekends and parking can be tricky. I always find it best to go during the week when there are less crowds.


2) Leo Carillo State Dog Beach:

With the amount of coastline and beaches Los Angeles boasts, there are actually very few public areas that allow dogs. Leo Carillo state beach is one of the few in the area that are dog friendly. Located in Malibu, this beach is the perfect excuse to take a road trip with fido to enjoy some sun and surf with other dogs and their owners.

Leo Carillo State Beach
Address: 35000 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu, CA
Tip: Teach your dog good off-lead listening and socialization skills to ensure you both have the best time while at the dog park.


3) Laurel Canyon Dog Park:

If you are a a dog owner and live anywhere near the San Fernando Valley or Hollywood there is a good chance you already have been here…multiple times! This park is huge and in a cool mountain setting. This is a great park to socialize your dog anytime of day due to its convenient location and constant stream of “dog traffic” coming and going all day long.

Laurel Canyon Dog Park
Address: 8260 Mullholland Dr. Los Angeles
Tip: The park can get hot and dry in the summer so plan accordingly.  Local Dog Walkers tend to take large packs of dogs there during the day time.


4) Dog Rescue Events

One of the trends in Los Angeles I am actually in agreement with is the status of owning a rescue animal. Because of the large homeless pet population in L.A., there are rescue events and benefits being held almost daily. There are hundreds of shelters and rescues from Calabasas to Compton eager to adopt to a loving and responsible family. To not even go to just “take a look…” is to not be an Angelino!

Thousands of homeless dogs need new homes everyday!
Where: Your local animal shelter, rescue organization, or online rehoming website.
Tip: Because every dog deserves to have a happy and safe existence.


5) Beverly Hills Pet Boutiques

Although I am more of bare bones (pun totally intended) type of dog trainer, I do find it fascinating how dogs have become without a doubt full members of our families. Earning them the right to drain mom and dad’s bank account like any good human child should. If you like to indulge in your pet or see how the other furry half lives, take a stroll through the many high end pet shops and dog boutiques in Beverly Hills and other parts of L.A.

Pariero Pet Boutique
Address: 8268 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles
Tip: This Japanese dog clothing company has their flagship store at this location and has what it takes to make your pup the most stylish pet at his doggie daycare.

Brett Endes, The Dog Savant is a professional dog trainer and author based in L.A. with over 20 years experience specializing in problem behavior and puppy development counseling. The Dog Savant hosts a weekly podcast and is currently developing a web-based show to promote his message of canine behavior awareness. Brett takes a unique approach to dog behavior like no other trainer. His methods are based on psychology and principals of meditation along with a dog’s natural way of communication. Brett has been affectionately called, “The man with a dog’s brain”. He is available for private consulting of individual clients and speaking engagements in the greater Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley area and worldwide. To learn more about Brett or for contact info please visit his website: dogtrainingLA.com or email: dogtrainingla@gmail.com